25 January 2015

Welcome to Eden !

The bucolic setting of the Garden of Eden has given birth to several expressions with which our language is impregnated.

Thus, we speak of “forbidden fruit”: as desirable as it is prohibited. This fruit, an apple according to tradition, was more likely a fig according to some rabbinic commentaries. The aprons made of fig leaves are perhaps a clue… Or it could simply be an unknown or extinct fruit… Because most painters have opted for the apple, we habitually call the prominent part of the thyroid cartilage the “Adam’s apple”.

Two other expressions remind us of the blessed state in which our first parents found themselves: they were happily “dressed like Adam & Eve”, in a “Garden of Eden” setting. The far-off memories evoked by these expressions remind us that humanity is loved by the Lord.

As parents waiting for the arrival of a child prepare its room and its cradle, so the Lord had prepared an ideal place for his creatures. Nevertheless, true happiness includes freedom. They were chased from Eden because they abused it. But hope remains! God is preparing a Kingdom.

I invite the reader to believe that the best is before him! It was Jesus who said to one of the robbers crucified at his side, “Today, you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23.43). May this garden establish itself in our hearts: one day, with our own feet, we will tread its perfumed paths!


Robert Héris